Video captures Chinatown resident beaten, carjacked by 3 women outside apartment

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Friday, September 8, 2023 1:46AM
ABC7 Chicago 24/7 Stream
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ABC7 Chicago 24/7 Stream

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A 61-year-old Chinatown resident was beaten and carjacked by three women in front of his home Tuesday evening.

Danxin Shi, a longtime Chinatown resident who has live in an apartment on West 22nd Place for more than 10 years, can no longer work after the attack because he is a rideshare driver and his car is now gone.

Surveillance video captured the incident around 5:30 p.m. He had just parked his car in front of his building when he was suddenly attacked by three women, one of which struck him with what appears to be a pipe.

"They're holding me, you know, three people, three girls hitting and beating me," he said. "I have a key and they took my key."

The video shows Shi doing all he can to try to stop them from stealing his car, even putting himself right in front of it at one point.

"I tried to block them and they drove," he said.

The suspects were able to flee the scene in his car. Shi suffered a few scratches across his body but avoided any serious injuries.

But the loss of his car and his income has a greater impact.

"Right now I have nothing to drive, I just stay home because I have no car, but next week I try to rent a car," he said.

Chicago police said no one is in custody. Shi hopes CPD can use the GPS in his vehicle to track it down.

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